Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tubbed by Snumble

After two very naughty things (much more serious than minor peccadilloes) I have come to the conclusion Mr. Tumble should no longer be allowed on children's television.

In a state of shock after discovering his presence at Camp Bestival this year, performing every day, I sent an email of complaint to CBBC, which I shall insert presently:

I have just discovered browsing the Camp Bestival website that Mr. Tumble will be making a reappearance there this year, every day of it in fact. Last year he put on a mediocre show that I have to say,the children enjoyed thoroughly, so I have no complaints about this. After the show however, my sister and her daughter were in the artist's "chill out" area (as our band was playing and we had the required wristbands)and they saw Mr. Tumble (although now in a leather jacket). Naturally, the child was very excited by this, and showed her enthusiasm. It was very plain that she was overjoyed to see him so close, but it was even plainer to see that Tumble SNUBBED her! I was very shocked by this fact and swiftly changed my impression of the uninspiring clown. As well as this, the child was very upset to find out the human truth, that his cold heart was faking the smile and he has no real love for children. I think it is wise that you tell Mr. "Snubbing" Tumble to learn a lesson and be more friendly to his fans before he makes his way down to Lulworth Castle. Regards, Navia

They haven't replied yet. Watch this space.

And the second peccadillo?

So Tumble has been telling all the deaf children that he is "fucking them".
What a pleasant man. But why is he still on television?

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