Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kinder Joys & Unconventional Love

Hello cheekies. Beautiful weather here in Devon! And it's been ever so pleasant with mucho family coming to visit & ALL of us siblings in one place! This is an unusual feat, but no doubt a pleasant one. Also all of the sibling kinder gathered together. Oh they are the sweetest things. Five out in the world & one presently in a womb. Some have left now, but at least we have cameras to record these jolly moments. Here below and above are moments of brother kinder meeting sister kinder for the first time:


I'm starting to feel rather broody. Just joking, there's more than enough kinder to go around. Anyway, I am expecting my child in July anyway. What shall we call her you ask? Libby July shall be her name and what a beauty she will be with Andrea for a father & I for a mother. Also marrying Elle, the love of my life in July. It's going to be a pretty hectic month! Expect a lot of happy photos, it shall be rather magnificent.

Back to the subject of kinder, I was flicking through my sister's camera to discover these beautiful photos of her dwarves:

Crazy tree climbing antics from their little caravan break in Cornwall! Gosh, they crack me up. 

The days have been so sunny, that I have wanted to do nothing but sit outside and doodle with my beautiful red pen, thus I have created a series of images for you that explore unconventional love & desire. 

Is love ever conventional? 



  1. Ha! What a marvellous post! I haven't seen those pics of my kinder-eggs holding the babba. V.cute! AND I LOVE your drawings. They're really ace. Reminded me a bit of the wishful thinking ones I did a bit. I reeeeeeeally like them!

  2. Thankyou! Yes I was rather inspired by your wishful thinkings and wanted to get doodling!
    We should make a little collab book, that would be excellent! ♥