Monday, 18 April 2011

Beautiful Day

On the road to recovery. Packed away memories in a box and now I feel good.

The sun has been shining so brightly I thought it was quite imperative to organize a picnic for this afternoon! There were four of us, which was perfect, because I have four little twee glass mugs perfect for picnics. We were a man down, as one of the party an appointment with the dentist again. After a while it begins to become a little unbelievable with such beautiful gnashers, but all's swell. Also another man down, but probably for the best, or else I would have had to put him in my special little box too & he probably wouldn't have fit. It has been pleasant today to chill & forget.
It's been a tough couple of weeks, but things are starting to look up. Now I've finished my diary & packed it away I feel like I'm ready to move onto a new chapter in my life.
Get ready for my next diary which I shall probably be posting on here! It's set to be quite pleasant. A journey of my ascent into the Emcee's role for Cabaret. I have a very special to-do list to help me get into role. If I tick off each one with photographic evidence, I am being taken on my dream date by my dear friend Delilah. And if I don't I am taking her. I'd better complete it, I can't afford two tickets to Paris.

Delilah and I began the morning by baking the most delicious lemon drizzle cakes ever known to man. Ever. I am not exaggerating. Aesthetic perfection. And I have evidence.

See how they bloom! Despite being very English flowers, they seem quite reminiscent of Hawaii.
Had to go on a little floristry mission in my garden (& my absent neighbours, because we are cheeky). When I showed Mamma Vanity the picture her reaction was not:

"What beautiful cakes!"

Like one would expect any decent person to say, but in fact she asked:

"Are those my bloody primroses??"

Some people, huh? Yes they are your primroses and they were delicious and there are so many more in our garden.

They went down a treat and we ate them all along with our cucumber sandwiches and home-made lemonade. Here is the beauty in the process of devouring:

Think will have to use edible flowers on a cake again, it felt so special and summery.

During looking for a drizzle recipe however, we stumbled across some much darker baking ideas...

First of all, a quite morbid way to serve a baby. It's a shame, it's quite cute.

Secondly and I find much more disturbing, is a lemon drizzle cake by 'Simon Rimmer'.
I can't handle the description: "Simon Rimmer scores a lemony hat-trick"
Sounds like vile pornography.
I would never, ever trust Mr. Rimmer's lemony hat-trick.

Actually, give me a couple of beers and a dental dam and I might consider it.

Anyway, sexual fantasies aside, back to the picnic. Yes.
We were joined by the beautiful Lady Catherine
And the fabulous Lab Rat

After our picnic spot in the burned down church was occupied by shadows, we decided to go to Buckfastleigh's famous 'Cliff Richard'. It was a beautiful picnic spot and ever so toasty. I was so decadent I ended taking my shirt off , leaving me in my cheeky military shorts. This level of public nakedness is a newfound area of life for Vulnavia. I'm doing well.

We had fun fun fun. Which leads to the climax of this post.
I'm sure you all know of the viral queen Rebecca Black and her notorious song, Friday?
Lady Catherine & I have been jamming it out for a while now & this time, the sneaky Rat caught it on camera. Ukulele love. I hope you enjoy it.
I do apologise it is not in fact Friday whilst I am posting this, but I do know that tomorrow is Tuesday and Wednesday comes afterwards. Ici.

Last but not least is a beautiful picture of Delilah that rather entices me & I quite wanted to share it. She is a rare beauty that one & will one day make the perfect housewife, becoming pleasantly plump baking at home and eating cake and then baking more for the husband and then eating it before he arrives home. Unfortunately this will probably never happen as soon she will become a full lesbian, as her new motorbike is called Isis. I will miss her old Le Bod, but I'm sure Isis is beautiful too. Perhaps the lesbian rule can be let slide a little so she can be my wife please?

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