Monday, 18 April 2011

Life is (going to be) a Cabaret

I will soon be undertaking my dream role in musical theatre.
Whatever shall I do with my life living my dreams so early?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have made a list & a bet with Delilah that I can complete every task it, all in the name of art on the journey to becoming the Emcee. I wonder if our director would encourage such behaviour? I thought I ought to post it on here and take you with me each step of the way. The prize is a dream date. I quite terribly want to win. Here is the list:

Emcee To-Do List

1. Have a threesome
2. Bulk up (not fat, muscle)
3. Rent a hooker
4. Smoke Opium
5. Drink a prairie oyster with a hangover
6. Don't sleep for days and party (wildly)
7. Have sex (in role)
8. Nom on lady parts
9. Gig more and get more cheeky
10. Become cruel & decadent & forget about love
11. Wear more eyeliner

Think it sounds realistic? I'm going to try my best. And spam you with photo evidence (when appropriate).

Wish me luck!

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